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SXSW Interactive 2009-a peek inside

What a whirlwind! I can’t believe that SXSW Interactive is over! What a fantastic week it was.

Here’s a little sneak peek of my schedule during the week of SXSWi:

Friday March 13th

2:00 pm ·  Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong

3:30 pm ·  Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

5:00 pm ·  Plan B: Can an Ad Guy Bring Bike Sharing to America?

I spent the rest of the day at the Screen Burn Arcade and went to dinner with some fabulous folks from New York visiting SXSWi for the 1st time ever!

screenburnSaturday March 14th

10:30 am ·  Book Reading: Social Media Marketing with Alan Moore. No not this Alan Moore.

11:30 am ·  Core Conversation: Blog on Company Time and Get Promoted

2:00 pm ·  Opening Remarks: Tony Hsieh

3:30 pm ·  HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!

3:30 pm ·  Core Conversation: Playing to Learn – Educating Kids Through Gaming

(yes I double booked myself on this one…saw half of both then caught up with each of the panelists after! Divinia Knowles from Mind Bites is super awesome. She’s doing some amazing things with Mind Bites and really has a great viewpoint on how games can be used to educate youth effectively and more successfully than traditional menthods. After talking with her I was inspired to build my very own Moshi Monster!) moshi

5:00 pm ·  Social Media Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam

After that, I met up with the Fabulous Megan Gaiser from Her Interactive in New York-one of the panelists on our panel and we talked about girls, gaming, and the video game industry.

Then, I checked out the Lego corner which was jam packed with some amazing creations, including a tribute to the recent Austin Zombie road signs that have been popping up around Austin.


Sunday, March 15th

10:00 am ·  Screenburn: Playing On! Interface Lessons from Games

11:30 am ·  Making Whuffie: Raising Social Capital in Online Communities

3:30 pm ·  Core Conversation: Your Personal Blog is Dead

5:00 pm ·  Core Conversation: Twitter for Marketers: Is It Still Social Media?

This time, instead of continuing the learning process, I decided to go home and rest up for Girlstart’s panel and mentally prepare!


Monday, March 16th-Girlstart panel day!!

After our panel (more info in my next post), the panelists and I talked to a lot of our audience members-they were all so excited about our mission and wanted to know how they could help. It was great meeting folks in the Austin community who are passionate about contributing their time and talents to Girlstart-you are truly the folks that make all the difference! After meeting and chatting with these fab folks, I attended:

3:30 pm ·  No Web Professional Left Behind: Educating the Next Generation


5:00 pm ·  Screenburn: Girl Gaming Goes Mainstream: Cliches, Reality, and Community

Another fabulous, jam packed SXSW day!

Tuesday March 17th

Today was yet another great day at SXSWi-I met a lot of folks in the non-profit industry and we exchanged information to share resources. The Austin non-profit tech folks are wonderful about sharing what they know with each other-it’s such a caring community.

The highlight of my day was definitely getting an autographed copy of Chris Anderson’s book “The Long Tail”-thanks to my amazing and fabulous sister who managed to grab the last copy remaining-the display, and begging Chris Anderson to sign it for me. Yay!

I also attended:

2:00 pm ·  Tuesday Keynote: Chris Anderson / Guy Kawasaki Conversation

but spent most of the day checking out the Film festival portion of SXSWi…there was a documentary about the pets of Hurricane Katrina and the folks involved brought loads of dogs and set up an area outside the convention center promoting the documentary. Of course I had to spend a lot of time here.

cuteness overload

cuteness overload

The End

When the conference came to an end, I couldn’t beleive how quickly it had flown by. This is always the case with SXSW Interactive and while I felt sad (nerd alert!) I had so many new friends and so much new knowledge that I had to celebrate. I’ve got loads of scribbles I have yet to decipher and lots of things to look up on my To Learn list-I think by the time I get through that list, it’ll be time for SXSWi 2010.



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lego tableaus


totally awesome lego art recreation

totally awesome lego art recreation



This is so awesome and I completely forgot to post about it when it first came out…but here.

February 28, 2009 at 6:20 pm 1 comment

Shop shop buy buy

Ok so further perpetuating the stereotype that women love to shop, here are my picks for what I want NOW.


This fantabulously fun alarm clock only shuts up when you insert the 3 shapes into the correct slots.

2. Not sure I WANT this but it is crazy….french company DUENDE is making these scientific necklaces…by that I mean…scientists just figured out how to convert milk into plastic (something about the casien in it, ew ew ew) and the jewelry house is creating some sort of artistic showcase of mothers and babies (and the milk between them). Part of the showcase includes a jewelry line. crazy, but i can’t help but say…cool.


Cute laptop speakers.


Mirror tic tac toe board…look again…those pieces are halves.


Um yeah….pretty genius.

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In honor of the new Macbook in my house

I wanted to show you this cool mac video…watch this Mac user rock the MACrophone. ooohhh. I’m real punny.

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Myst–Nintendo DS.

Yes its true. Nintendo, my favorite company in the entire universe, has released MYST on the Nintendo DS. For those of us who played Myst on our PCs back in the day, only to be slightly less thrilled with its follow-ups, this is a welcome trip down memory lane. So what’s different about the DS version of MYST? A few things:

– 2 new worlds: awesome. Not only are we getting a digitally remastered game we love, but it’s going to have some extra levels and clues (much like Master Quest, which I am about to start replaying).

– New tools: I remember when I played the PC version, I left little pieces of paper around with weird scribbles and codes and directions. The DS Myst comes with a notepad, and also offers a magnifying glass, a camera and a map….the old version had a map but you had to go to the library to look at it and couldn’t take it with you.

-New stylus interface: while this isn’t unexpected, how are they going to replace zip mode and hover features?

– original soundtrack with new additions: I absolutely LOVED the music of MYST and I plan on playing it with headphones, so I’m glad they kept the old music, remastered it, but added some more stuff for us to listen to.

Anyways I am soooo excited. This game was brilliant before such brilliancy existed in games.


Buy it here (Amazon)

May 7, 2008 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

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