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Myst–Nintendo DS.

Yes its true. Nintendo, my favorite company in the entire universe, has released MYST on the Nintendo DS. For those of us who played Myst on our PCs back in the day, only to be slightly less thrilled with its follow-ups, this is a welcome trip down memory lane. So what’s different about the DS version of MYST? A few things:

– 2 new worlds: awesome. Not only are we getting a digitally remastered game we love, but it’s going to have some extra levels and clues (much like Master Quest, which I am about to start replaying).

– New tools: I remember when I played the PC version, I left little pieces of paper around with weird scribbles and codes and directions. The DS Myst comes with a notepad, and also offers a magnifying glass, a camera and a map….the old version had a map but you had to go to the library to look at it and couldn’t take it with you.

-New stylus interface: while this isn’t unexpected, how are they going to replace zip mode and hover features?

– original soundtrack with new additions: I absolutely LOVED the music of MYST and I plan on playing it with headphones, so I’m glad they kept the old music, remastered it, but added some more stuff for us to listen to.

Anyways I am soooo excited. This game was brilliant before such brilliancy existed in games.


Buy it here (Amazon)


May 7, 2008 at 4:03 pm 1 comment

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