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I’ll have the soylent green with a slice of soylent orange and some soylent coleslaw.

Check out this fascinating article I read on the Times Website.

Basically, it talks about the development of “victimless meat”- beef, chicken, pork etc. grown from stem cells. We’re not talking fake here obviously, this is real meat, but unlike today, In Vitro (or In Meatro, as the author says, har har) will never have been attached to a leaving, breathing animal, and will be wholly created in a lab. This means it will be much more environmentally friendly by not using scarce resources (I believe it currently takes 5 lbs of grain to produce 1 lb of meat) and not producing waste that harms the environment. Supposedly, scientists will also be able to manufacture it without using hormones, steroids, etc. and will be able to trim the bad fats out, making meat actually healthy.

Apparently, scientists feel that humans will never give up eating meat and that this is the best way-a sort of compromise. I don’t know…there was a time in life that I ate meat at every meal and laughed at hippy vegetarians, swearing I’d never be one, but I have been now for about 4 years (recently even went vegan) and I must say, it rules.

Anyways, apparently, PETA is behind this (I don’t understand PETA lately, they seem to be going bonkers, first, one higher up publicly states she eats at BBQ restaurants all the time and now they start contributing $$ to this? Weirdos.)

Seriously, people just need to discover Tofurkey and those amazing vegan meatballs at Whole Foods. No one would ever eat meat again!


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